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Welcome to Speakingnerd’s cookie policy framework. We would like to inform you that our website utilizes cookies to differentiate between you and other users on our website.

We would like you to know a little about cookies

Simply put, cookies are bite-sized text files with small elements of data including username, password etcetera. To add, cookies are used with the purpose of identifying your computer as you make use of a computer network. Moreover, HTTP cookies that are specific cookies are used to recognize specific users with the objective of optimizing user experience. The data that gets stored in a cookie is created by the server subject to your connection. Further, a unique ID is used to label the data that is specific and unique to a computer and a user.

Our Cookie Policy

With the help of cookies, we make sure that we enhance our users’ experience in a consistent manner. When you choose to continue browsing our website, you give us the agreement to use our cookies. Cookies help us analyze the number of visitors to our website and also assist us in understanding the browsing patterns and preferences of visitors on our website.

A cookie gets logged in on your system when you visit our website for the first time. In order to block all or some cookies, you can do the same by using the browser settings. Here, you need to know that if you block all cookies including the essential cookies, you may not be able to access sections of our website.