Introduction to Basic Strategic Planning Model

It is a simple strategic planning model that is mainly used by new business organizations to strategically plan and implement various actions. The Basic Strategic Planning Model follows the basic process of Strategic Planning in the organization to facilitate effective decision-making. In this model, there is no specific procedure to be followed by the organization while engaging in strategic planning. Also, as the name suggests, the Basic Strategic Planning Model helps to prepare a simple strategic action plan for the organization by considering the organization's purpose, vision, mission, strategies, and action plans.

The need for the Basic Strategic Planning Model

The Basic Strategic Planning Model is also called the simple model that is often used by businesses that do not have any history of strategic planning and need a guide to various decisions in the organization. This model is mainly suitable for the organization that lacks the time and resources needed to engage in detailed and extensive strategic planning. You must be wondering about the Basic Strategic Planning Model as well as its importance. The use of this model helps to guide the decision-making in the organization by facilitating the effective use of various resources. This model is also useful for organizations that do not have a lot of experience regarding strategic planning and lack the resources to develop complex strategic plans. The Basic Strategic Planning Model can also be used by organizations that do not have serious problems as the minimal or the basic issues can be solved by the organization through the use of the Basic Strategic Planning Model.

How to apply the Basic Strategic Planning Model?

The Basic Strategic Planning Model can be used by the organization by following the basic steps involved in strategic planning. The main steps that are followed by the organization when following this model are listed as follows-

  • Identification of the purpose
  • Establishing the mission statement of the organization and summarising the key goals
  • Identification of specific approaches and strategies to fulfill the mission statement
  • Identifying action plans for achieving various business strategies
  • Monitoring and updating business plan
how to use the Basic Strategic Planning Model

Thus, the organization can follow the Basic Strategic Planning Model by developing basic strategic plans which include establishing a vision, determining business goals, identifying specific approaches, and preparing the action plan for achievement of the business goals.

Basic Strategic Planning Model example

Let’s say, Gudman is setting up a new business in Australia i.e. Organic food company. For this, the company can use the basic strategic planning process model by firstly setting up the mission statement and purpose. The steps that will be followed by the Organic Food Company under this model are shown as follows-


To deliver the best quality food to the Australians


To provide fresh and quality food to Australians through true wellness products.

Key goals and commitment

  • To deliver quality organic goods to the customers
  • To attain a leading position in the organic goods industry
  • To support natural and organic practices for ensuring good health of the Australians
  • To support the well-being of farmers across the country

Identification of specific approaches and strategies

While preparing the strategic business plan, the organization needs to define the strategic approaches and strategies for achieving a competitive position in the industry. The key strategic approaches that can be adopted by this organic company to establish a strong competitive position in the market are listed as follows-

  • Branding the Organic goods
  • Product Differentiation
  • Market Penetration Strategy
  • Penetration Pricing Strategy

The above list of strategies depicts that Gudman can adopt Product Differentiation, Market Penetration, Penetration Pricing, and an effective Branding strategy to establish a strong market position. The implementation of all these strategies will also help to ensure higher customer attractiveness as the customers will also prefer to buy differentiated products. Also, the Low-Cost Pricing Strategies will help Gudman to achieve a strong brand image in the market.

Action plans

Now, the organization has identified diverse business strategies. There is a need to create a specific action for the achievement of various goals and the implementation of identified business strategies.

Objectives Task Success criteria Time frame Resources
To deliver quality organic goods to the customers Supply chain management Partnership with organic farmers 2 months Organic farmer
To identify the niche markets
  • Market research
  • STP analysis
Idea generation 2 months Research and development, human resources, and finance
To attain a leading position in the organic goods industry
  • Product development
  • Research target customers
  • Focus on product differentiation
  • Digital marketing
  • Product testing
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer convenience
  • Quality of products
3 years Finance, technology, strategic partnerships, and research
To establish an online business presence Setting up social media network profiles
  • To develop blog posts
  • To create a personal landing page
  • Lead generation
  • Website traffic
2 years Finance, social media sites, blogs, technology, etc.

Thus, it is found that Basic Strategic Planning Model is one of the good models that can be used by the start-up firm to prepare a complete strategic plan with limited time and resources. Through the use of this model, the organization can establish the organizational mission, vision, and goals to ensure business success. Further, the specific steps to reach the business goals and objectives are developed under this model as well which helps to keep the organization’s performance on track and to address diverse issues. However, it is must to consider that the organizations are also required to properly monitor the organization performance to track the organization performance and update the organization strategies when required.